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Metaphysical Ministry (Every 1st Monday)

This offer is one of my heart. 1:1, no cost open sessions for seekers who need to connect.

Service Description

In the age of commercial spirituality, the treatment of the sacred as novelty, and costly rabbit holes, it's essential for the seekers to find one another and feel supported as we traverse the often rocky path of our collective journey. Access to individual healing sessions is often unobtainable for those who need this form of connection and over the past few years it was surfaced that the bulk of my business was indeed given for free. This is why the Metaphysical Ministry now exists, to create a specific container for my fellow soul kin who need a hand outreached to help lift them up. We can use this time for anything you need, whether that's energy work, esoteric conversations, shadow work, meditation, or even if you simply need someone objective to reflect with in a private + confidential space. The goal of the work I do with clients is ultimately to act as an activator and supporter of your unique, individual path of gnosis. You have a direct line to the quantum network that is our shared existence, you have a direct line to the divine, and you don’t need to outsource your power to any authority when you’re fully dialed in with razor sharp discernment. Every first Monday has booking availability except holy-days. If you need me in an emergency, you can call me directly at (313) 356-6322. Please note: The Crystal Talisman Healing + Attunement Session is not offered or available as a service through The Metaphysical Ministry.

  • 30 min
  • Online

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, we ask clients to please provide 48 hour notice. However, we will consider any specific circumstances that may hinder cancellation or rescheduling requests less than 48 hours.

Contact Details

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