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Here's a brief bio while I finally write my about me section (coming soon)...


I am the founder of Hope Ascendant and am a Metaphysical Minister, Ritualist, Death Liberationist + Death Doula, Talisman Maker, and Quantum Healer deploying self-channeled healing and attunement modalities: The Crystal Technology Talisman Healing + Attunement and The Metatronic Code Healing + Attunement.


I grew up in a dynamic way where multiple inputs and cultures informed my growth and abilities (from both an epigenetic and experiential perspective). This ultimately led me to the study of cultural anthropology and history, which continues to inform my work for both the living and the dying.


Death and I became friends at a very early age through the untimely (and in some cases intentional) deaths of friends and close family. Between 2010 and 2013, I would become the caregiver and death doula for both of my GrandParents who were like parents to me and the primary force cultivating my development.


However, it was not until the 2020’s that I would begin listening to the whispers of this calling to deathwork, finally becoming formally trained through the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) in 2023, just as I was companioning Edward, my 19 year old non-human guardian + familiar along his walk to the death portal.


My heartwork is in service to both the living and the dying ~ for the living, the subtle art of unlocking one’s innate metaphysical wisdom + stepping onto one’s path of gnosis, and for the dying, the rituals and sacred memorial objects that provide comfort to the living and a sacred space for the dying. My service is not just limited to humans, either.


Finally, I have a deep calling to expand awareness + advocacy for death and dying praxis in vulnerable populations, such as the incarcerated and the undomiciled, as well as initiating more practical conversations + discovering strategies for how we may better companion and serve neurodivergent individuals in the process of death, dying, and grief. 

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