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Four Realms of Observation to Cultivate Self-Awareness

My intuitive approach to what I call rapid self reflection exists in four realms of observation, relative to the human-avatar-mode of awareness:

  1. Awareness of my inner world…the darkest recesses and the brightest corners…my intrinsic motivators…ALL of it…my self.

  2. Awareness of my external as-objective-as-possible perception of self (viewing myself as an external observer, and the ways I engage with the world around me).

  3. Viewing myself through the eyes of others. (The truly external interpretation of who I am based on their limited knowledge of my personal lived experience/my internal world.)

  4. Viewing myself through the eyes of others whilst observing the blueprint of their lived experience + what experiences color the lens through which they view life (my Grams always reminded me to “walk in the moccasins of others” and this plays a role here).

Now more than ever I witness folks moving through the world...

--- ... as if they are the center of it ... ---

... as if they are the only ones that exist in any given space and time ...

--- ... as if they are entitled to be first in line ... --- ...

There’s a rising impatience that’s been simmering since the inception of the digital public square and every day the black mirror you hold in your hands at this very moment aims to reduce our attention span. When we are distracted and unaware, we are controlled by external forces.

“Scroll faster! Take it in! Content! Content! Content!”

And with this, less consideration of our footprint in the world abounds.

If you’ve made it this far, cheers! You’re in the top 1%.

How we engage with ourselves holds a signature.

How we engage with our kin holds a signature.

How we engage with the world at large holds a signature.

Our unique energy signatures leave an indelible imprint on everyone and everything we encounter, which is just one facet of why the pursuit to truly know thy self matters.

What signature are you leaving?

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