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Talisman Healing Session

Reviving the ancient art of bespoke talisman creation.

Service Description

This is a three to four hour session that includes 2-3 weeks of channeling, creation, and charging post session. The 3-4 hour session proper includes quantum energy healing + attunement, information channeling via automatic writing, crystal channeling, a review of the components for the talisman (custom to the individual), a post-session digital book containing the talisman details with notes from the session, a video recording of the session (if remote), a video of the programmed healing space, custom consecration ritual, and cartomancy messages (results also included in the digital book). Your custom talisman creation takes up to 2 to 3 weeks of design channeling, charging, and creation, which takes place during specific days and planetary hours. The final piece is infused with The Metatronic Code Healing + Attunement energy modality, sound, and shipped directly to you with a custom ritual for consecration. This is hands-down the most exhaustive and extensive session I offer and is only for those seeking a specific tool to connect them with their path of initiation. Your talisman will NEVER be recreated. It is specific to your energy and was already coded for you. I am simply the receiver of the information and the hands capable of assembling. You may choose one of the following formats for your talisman (this is a wearable neck talisman): 1) Mala (Tassel/No Tassel) 2) Rosary style Please note: This session requires multiple inputs and many hours of preparation, therefore, once you have secured your appointment it is locked in. I do not accept cancellations or reschedules for this session. Additionally, this session is a finite resource and, at this time, only 44 are available per year due to the nature of the energetic inputs, preparation, and materials required. Please only book this session if you are fully committed! Finally, I shouldn’t have to say this, but refunds are not a thing, ever. This is a custom session and a custom talisman created specifically for you + your unique energetic blueprint. I use only the highest quality, carefully selected materials, and fairly acquired crystals. PS: If you feel you are absolutely ready for a talisman, and are serious about the session but legitimately find it unobtainable, please reach out to me using the contact tab on this website so we can connect, have a chat, and figure something out together.

  • 4 hours
  • 888 US dollars
  • Online

Cancellation Policy

Reschedules and/or cancellations will *not* be allowed for this session. Please read the description details to understand why.

Contact Details

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