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Spiritual Rewilding Retainer

This is a consultation for my retainer services.

Service Description

Every so often I connect with a client who has just stepped onto their path of spiritual reconnection and seeks to expand and flourish through ongoing development, but is entirely unaware of how to access the infinite source of their own power. In their seeking, they found a landscape of healers and digital shamans who left them feeling dependent on external authority and unclear on how to access their own power. It is my hope that through working with me on a regular basis that I will be a liberating force for your fully grounded, independent, confident life path. The primary goal of this service is to ensure you no longer need the service. I know…that’s wild. This is about remembering, rewilding, identifying your unique energetic coding, reviving the sacred in your own life, and calling forth your divine power. In general, the work I do with clients is ultimately to act as an activator and supporter of their unique, individual path of gnosis. We all have a direct line to the quantum network that is our shared existence, we have a direct line to the divine, we have the ability to unlock eons of life within our coding and epigenetic data, and none of us need to outsource our power to any authority when we are fully dialed into our awareness, confident in our intuitive abilities, and have mastered the art of finely tuned discernment.

  • 30 minutes
  • Free Consultation
  • Zoom

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, we ask clients to please provide 48 hour notice. However, we will consider any specific circumstances that may hinder cancellation or rescheduling requests less than 48 hours.

Contact Details

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